Truth and Reality I

1. Monica (instrumental)
2. Destruction and Creation
3. Truth and Reality(instrumental)
4. Us
5. The Bringer of War
6. Leave 'EM Alone(instrumental)
7. No Fairy Tale
8. Ice Walk(instrumental)
9. Lush(instrumental)
10. Home

Truth and Reality II

1. Metamorphosis
a) Birth
b) Crime
c) Punishment
d) The past and preset age
e) Oath
f) Malice and Sincerity
g) Messenger of Justice
h) Modern futuristic
i) Prayer
j) Conclusion
2. Noah
3. Nostalgia
4. Alone
5. Vain

New Album

Truth and Reality III

1.The Message
3.Leave Me Alone
4.A K I K A Z E
5.Blue Heaven
6.The Global Warming


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